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Evil Ground begins with Roland heading towards the Desatoya Mountains, just before the events that take place in The Little Sisters of Eluria.

Roland makes camp, finding bacon bits in a previous fire. He knows not if this was left by The Man in Black or just a hobo. Roland burns some devil grass, and then cooks a rabbit. He then falls asleep. Little does Roland know, a Stone Circle is near by, with the sacrafice of a hobo on it's altar. The crows are feasting on  the hobo's corpse, while the hobo's spirit feasts on the bones of Roland's dinner.

Under the influence of the devil grass, plus the Stone Circle, Roland begins to dream of a parellel past, that Roland cannot distinguish between his own.

After the events of The Fall of Gilead, but before The Battle of Jericho Hill, Roland, Cuthbert Allgood, Alain Johns, Jamie De Curry, and Aileen Ritter are all plotting an ambush on a Not-Men camp.

The Not-Men are busying painting one another blue, while the group of Gunslingers set up their attack. During their planning, Roland's boot trips a wire, which alerts the Not-Men. The Not-Men gather and go after the Gunslingers, after the Gunslingers kill some of the Not-Men.

Cuthbert's set-up dynamite goes off, killing the majority of the Not-Men, but the remaining members go in pursuit of the Gunslingers, and so the Gunslingers run off between some caves.


  • Although released under 'The Gunslinger' title, Evil Ground takes place before the Gunslinger.
  • Robin Furth, in the afterward, gives us insight into this past we are seeing. It could be a mere dream, it could be Roland's real past, or a parellel past.