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Everything's Eventual is a short story written by Stephen King. It was originally published in the October/November 1997 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. In 2002, it was added to King's collection, Everything's Eventual.

Brief Synopsis[]

The story centers around Dinky Earnshaw and his ability to influence people by drawing designs and pictures. Dinky eventually uses his power to make his tormentor, Skipper, kill himself. His activity draws the attention of the Trans Corporation and Mr. Sharpton. Sharpton gets Dinky to send killer e-mails to people he says deserve it in exchange for money and a comfortable life. Dinky later finds out that his victims weren't as guilty as Sharpton had said. He decides to quit working for Trans and sends one final e-mail to Mr. Sharpton.

Connections to the Dark Tower Series[]

Dinky Earnshaw plays a major role in The Dark Tower. He helps Roland Deschain destroy Algul Siento and free the Breakers.

The Trans Corporation also plays a role in The Dark Tower Series, where we learn that it is a subsidiary of Sombra Corporation.