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Roland in Eluria attacked by Slow Mutants

Eluria is a small town located within the Desatoya Mountains, two hundred miles east of Tejuas and presumably part of the Barony of Desatoya. Lexingworth is also located somewhere near to the village.

There are a few buildings such as a merchantile; a smithy (blacksmith); a church; a Gathering Hall; a market; two saloons, one of which called The Bustling Pig; a hotel, called the Good Beds Hotel; and a sheriff's office. When Roland arrives he deduces the town has been deserted for two weeks, he comes to the conclusion of this from a book of crimes in the sheriff's office. The residents of Eluria are Jesus Dog, James (a corpse in a water trough), and singing insects, a man by the name of Chas Freeborn is mentioned in the Sheriffs Registry of Misdeeds & Redress.

Shortly after his arrival Roland discovers Eluria is actually not deserted after all and is inhabited by a gang of Slow Mutants. After he is attacked and severely injured Roland is taken to a group of nurses called the Little Sisters. During his stay with the little sisters he discovers not only are they actually vampires but they also killed off the entire population of Eluria.