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The Dixie Pig is a restaurant located in New York City in the Keystone World. It houses a Door to a Dogan in Mid-World. It was used to transport Susannah/Mia to a facility that could help deliver Mordred Deschain.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

On the day in 1999 that Susannah crossed over into Mid-World, Jake Chambers, Donald Callahan, and Oy tracked her to the Dixie Pig. They found the Sköldpadda lying outside the restaurant as well as a sign that read, "Closed for private function." Inside, there was a large gathering of Can-toi, Taheen, and Vampires. Among the vampires, there was a group of Grandfathers in a private room, eating meat (of the "long pork" variety) served on a rotisserie. Callahan used the sköldpadda to mesmerize the lesser beings in the crowd and allowed Jake to escape into the kitchen. Callahan committed suicide rather than allow himself to be eaten alive. Jake, meanwhile, received directions from the kitchen-boy after he had killed the chef with an Oriza. He and Oy found the path under the Dixie Pig and were confronted with the Mind-trap. Jake and Oy swapped places in order to make it past the trap and elude the pursuing group.

In Discordia[]

In Discordia, the Flashplayer supported game on Stephen King's website, the player must make his or her way through the long abandoned Dixie Pig, finding magical items and orbs (character biographies) along the way. The player must travel the same route Jake Chambers and Oy used in the Dark Tower VII book to the Dogan door to Fedic, which is located in the same place as it is in the book. The door has a combination lock. It is the same password used in the book. The player can look up the door's code word used in the book.

The door to Fedic also resembles the illustration, "Come on then you bastards!", depicting Jake and Oy standing off against their chasers through the mind trap in front of the same door.

 In the Comics[]

Dixie Pig, as depicted in the comics

In the comics, particularly The Prisoner, it is shown that The Dixie Pig is a common place of business for Enrico Balazar's men when Balazar receives orders from the Low Men.

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