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Intro Credits

Intro Credits to Discordia

Discordia is an alternate reality game taking place within the context of the Dark Tower series that will "chronicle the war between the Tet Corporation and Sombra/North Central Positronics."

The concept for the game was developed by Brian Stark, produced by Marsha DeFillipo with engineering by Eric Klotzko, directed by Robin Furth, and executive produced by Stephen King himself. The game features illustrations done by Michael Whelan and the 3D artword and flash were done by Metro DMA. The opening briefings are narrated by Stephen King.

The project "has been in development since early 2007," starting as a "small add-on concept for the then new Dark Tower Official Web Site."


At the beginning the character Op19 is given a briefing on what he must on his mission. His mission is to collect magical artefacts from the Dixie Pig, Fedic and Castle Discordia. They are then given a tutorial in gun fighting.

"Chapter One (for Callahan!)" went live on 7 December 2009.

  • The operative of the Tet Corporation, Op19, is dispatched to investigate the Dixie Pig to find any magical items of which there are five, arriving after the events here in the Dark Tower Series. In addition there are six Character orbs for Roland, Jake, Susannah, Eddie, Callahan and Oy that can be found. Eventually the character reaches the tunnel that leads to Fedic. If Op19 finds all the character orbs you can download the art prints for the characters.

"Chapter Two" is still in the making and was due for release in Q2 of 2011 although it seems it may be way overdue by the time it comes out.

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