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Desperation is a 1996 novel written by Stephen King. It was written as a mirror novel to Richard Bachman's The Regulators. The two novels are set in parallel universes with many of the same characters.

Brief Synopsis[]

Several groups of people are passing the mining town of Desperation, Nevada along Route 50. They are detained for various reasons by the gigantic cop, Collie Entragian. They begin to notice things are off with Entragian as he brutally murders several people and he bleeds profusely. The survivors escape the police station and start to flee the town until David Carver reveals that it is God's will that they deal with the evil that has infested the town. The evil is in fact an entity called Tak that possessed Entragian and later David's mom. He was released from his underground prison by the miners. They confront Tak and one of the survivors, Johnny Marinville, sacrifices himself to reseal Tak in his prison.

Connections to the Dark Tower Series[]