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The Demon Elementals are demons who inhabit Mid-World. There are six of them, one for each of the Beams. Although there are only six, each demon has two different aspects, a male form as well as a female one.[1]

Roland Deschain and his ka-tet encountered one of the demon elementals twice in their journey along the Beam. Once in the Willow Jungle in the foothills of the Cyclopean Mountains and once in the Plains of the River Barony.

First demon[]

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The first time was when Roland tried to obtain some information for his long quest to the Dark Tower while pursuing the Man in Black. Roland came to a Speaking Ring in the Willow Jungle. The demon took the form of a beautiful spirit Oracle who tempted Roland with prophecy in exchange for sex.

Second demon[]

See also: Speaking Demon

The second time, Roland knew of the impending spirit when he saw the speaking ring that Eddie, Susannah and he approached. He warned them of the demon that may attack and desire sex. It was decided that Susannah would have to distract the demon as both Roland and Eddie had the necessary task of drawing Jake into Roland's world. Susannah, taking on her persona of the mean, hot headed Detta Walker, went and held the spirit beast off of the men, buying more time for Roland and Eddie.

With the semen of Roland infused with the Crimson King part, the demon successfully impregnated Susannah creating the half-demon child, Mordred Deschain.

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