Charles Champignon
Charles Champignon

Charles Champignon is a Gunslinger who began his training aged six, winning his guns at the age of nineteen. He is part of an expedition to stop a group of Farson's men which is successful. His first main job after earning his guns was the hanging of Hax however the act haunted him for the rest of his life and unlike other gunslingers he fears John Farson's forces grow too quick to be stopped. He is well trained in ancient order of sword fighting carried out by Arthur's Knights.

During an expedition against Farson's forces he throws himself in front of Steven Deschain when a grenade went off, thus badly injuring him. Steven manages to stop his bleeding using gunpowder which he ignites on Charles' body causing him to pass out from the pain.

On his way home to Taunton he and his wife were ambushed by Farson's men at Gallows Hill. He is killed by Farson's men who made him witness the rape of his wife Arra and watch as they cut his unborn baby from her womb. He loses his mind watching this happen and is later hanged. In the hope of saving his wife he agrees to sign a letter of recommendation concerning Kingson to take part in the riddle competition, however he was deceived and they killed her anyway.

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