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The Dark Tower prog rock album[]

"The Dark Tower" is an 8 track progressive rock album by the spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist Eduardo Casas.

Every song matches a volume from the series of books by Stephen King:

1. The Gunslinger 04:33

IMG 0430

2. The Drawing of the Three (ft. Gustavo Corrochano) 03:55

3. The Wastelands 03:51

4. Wizard and Glass (ft. Ingrid Narváez) 03:41

5. Wolves of the Calla (ft. Gustavo Corrochano) 03:14

6. Song of Susannah (ft. Daniel Molina) 03:20

7. The Dark Tower Theme 04:44

8. The Wind Through the Keyhole (ft. Ingrid Narváez) 06:23

Some of the tracks are instrumental, and some of them feature singers: Gustavo Corrochano, Ingrid Narváez, Daniel Molina.

The lyrics are written in English. It was released on may 17, 2018.

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