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Castle Discordian, known also as the Castle on the Abyss, is a castle located at the end of Thunderclap in the Discordia Badlands of End-World, overlooking the town of Fedic. It holds a labyrinth of passageways, and contains 595 Doors leading to various "whens" and "wheres". These doors, made by the Old Ones, lead to notable events in history, usually grim or disastrous ones, such as President Lincoln's assassination or the gladiator fights of Ancient Rome. Other Doors open upon the todash darkness. From one such door emerged a todash monster and attempted unsuccessfully to eat both Roland Deschain and Susannah Dean.

Castle Discordia is first seen in Wolves of the Calla; Mia imagines being in the castle as she scavenges for food to feed her "chap", and is seen again as Mia and Susannah hold palaver about each other's needs.

The castle's origin, history and age all remain largely unexplained. That the castle is built from deep red rock (which has blackened over time), and is connected to Le Casse Roi Russe - the Crimson King's home - is virtually all that is revealed about it. A passing mention of florescent lighting within it suggests construction and technology standards roughly equivalent to modern practices, though in a state of age, neglect or ruin.