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The people of Mid-World understand that the world consists of four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - however some places of Mid-World take this a step further by adapting the calendar cycle in different ways.

They also follow the year within a twelve month cycle.

Agricultural Calendar[]

The residents of the Barony of New Canaan expanded the basic four seasons into seven different stages which match with the ancient agricultural calendar. These are Winter, Wide-Earth, Sowing, Mid-Summer, Full-Earth, Reaping and Years End. Each of these stages are marked by a Fair Day.

It appears that other places followed this calendar as well such as the village of Eluria.

Lunar cycles[]

The year is further divided into moons in Mid-World. Each full moon is named for a face that its surface appears to resemble; unlike the moon of Earth, this face is different throughout the year. Several moons are named in the series:

  • The Goat Moon - February.[1]
  • The Kissing Moon - Mid-summer.
  • The Peddlers Moon - Late summer.
  • The Huntress Moon - Autumn, during Full Earth.[2]
  • The Demon Moon - Late autumn and early winter. The last moon of the year.[3]

Between the Huntress and Demon Moons the Reaptide Festival takes place, with the day after the festival being called Reap Morn symbolising the first day of winter.

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