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Bern Kells otherwise called 'Big Kells' is a woodsman and one of the antagonists in The Wind Through the Keyhole (tale).

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

The Wind Through the Keyhole (tale)[]

Big Kells was bestfriends with Big Ross, Tim Ross father and Nell Ross' husband. Big Kells, Tim Ross, and Nell Ross all grew up together, and Kells always had a crush on Nell. After Big Ross' death (purported by Big kells as to be from a dragon), Big Kells proposes to Nell and the two get married. Big Kells starts to drink again and gets abusive with Nell, and Tim sees bruises on her.

One of the reasons Nell married Kells was to pay taxes to The Covenant Man, and when he comes to Tree he palaver's with Tim Ross, helping him discover the truth. He gives Tim Ross a key to open Kells' trunk, and in it Tim finds his father's coin and then he knows the truth: Kells murdered his father. When Tim and The Covenant Man palaver later, he shows Tim his father's body, and then a vision of Big Kells beating his mom severely, this time for the trunk being opened. When Tim returns, Nell has been beaten so bad by Kells that she has lost her sight. Tim then goes on a quest to find Maerlyn to return Nell's sight.

Tim eventually finds Maerlyn who tells Tim that he must give his mother his father's ax when he gets home. Tim does, and when Big Kells tries to ambush and strangle Tim in the barn, Nells splits Kells' head open with the ax, killing him.