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The Battle of Mejis was the battle in which Roland Deschain (Will Dearborn), Cuthbert Allgood (Arthur Heath), and Alain Johns (Richard Stockworth) ambushed Eldred Jonas, his Big Coffin Hunters and over thirty men.


Jonas, Roy Depape, and Clay Reynolds were still angered over the humilation of losing to Roland's ka-tet at Bar K. After Reynolds discovered the group were gunslingers, Jonas killed Mayor Hart Thorin and his chancillor, Kimba Rimer, and framed Roland, Cuthbert and Alain.

Meanwhile, the three were blowing up John Farson's tankers, who employed the Coffin Hunters.

Jonas coinvinced many of Hambry's towns people to take down the outsiders.

The Death of the Coffin Hunters[]

Roland and his ka-tet waited until Jonas' group rode past them, and assassinated one of his men. Once the battle commenced, Roland, Cuthbert and Alain had no problem dispatching the normal townspeople, and quickly killed even Fran, Roy and Clay. When it came to Jonas, Roland was careful as Jonas held Maeryln's Grapefruit (part of the Wizard's Rainbow). However, Roland shot his hand and caught the orb, and then shot Jonas in the head twice.