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Battle of Devar-Toi

The ka-tet, celebrating their victory (before Eddie's death)

The Battle of Devar-Toi was Roland Deschain's second ka-tet's final battle together. Their goal was to secure Algul Siento (Devar-Toi, Blue Heaven) and to either free or kill the Breakers (depending on the outcome).

Preparation and Ambush[]

To get things going the ka-tet sets up sneetches behind Damli House in order to start fires and cause some casualties. Susannah is the first on the move, ready to take out as many guards as she can once the chaos starts. As planned, the sneetches go off and fire spreads over parts of Devar-Toi and the residents panic. In the confusion, Susannah takes out several of the guards. The rest of the ka-tet comes.

The Battle[]

Roland, Jake, Oy, Eddie, and Susannah battle the remaining guards and Low Men at Algul Siento. They kill almost everyone that comes into view. Pimli Prentiss, the Warden, gets involved in the battle and Roland shoots him. After the ka-tet dispatches all their enemies, they gather around each other in victory. Pimli was not dead though, and he gets up and shoots Eddie in the head, which doesn't kill him, but leads to his death later. Pimli is then shot dead at the hands of Roland.