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The Asimov Robots are a line of robots created by North Central Positronics. They were humanoid in shape as their main function was to interact with humans. They had positronic brains.

The three Asimov Robots that appeared in The Dark Tower Series were Andy, Nigel, and Stuttering Bill. Of the three, only Andy turned out to be hostile to the cause of Roland Deschain.

Connection to the Works of Isaac Asimov[]

The only real resemblance that they have to the robots of Isaac Asimov is that they have positronic brains. The robots that Asimov wrote of had three laws built into their brains and could not be circumvented under any circumstances. Two of those laws would have made it impossible for Andy to help the Wolves kidnap the children of Calla Bryn Sturgis as Asimov's robots could not allow humans come to any harm. North Central built their brains without these laws so they could be used for their own purposes.