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“Watch for the green sighe, my boy! She glows, so she does!”
   — The Covenant Man

Armaneeta is a sighe that appears in The Wind Through the Keyhole, and leads Tim Ross as he ventures to find Maerlyn

Her appearence is very similar to the fairy Tinker Bell (from the story Peter Pan), she is about four inches tall, has transparent wings that move so fast they can hardly be seen, has a green glow and when she speaks or laughs it also sounds like tiny bells. Unlike Tink she is completely naked and quite a bit more deceptive.

The Covenant Man used Armaneeta to lead Tim away from the safety of Tree, through the Ironwood Forest and into the Fagonard Swamp. She abandons him on the head of a dragon, under instructions from The Covenant Man, in hopes the dragon would either eat Tim or roast him alive.