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Andy the Messenger Robot or simply Andy, appears in Wolves of the Calla. He is initially portrayed as a friendly robot, fond of telling horoscopes. He is the bearer of bad news for Calla Bryn Sturgis; he gives forewarning about the coming of the Wolves.

Dark tower andy

Later, it is revealed that Andy is helping the Wolves, by telling them where all the children are. He does this through the Dogan. He was destroyed by Eddie Dean after his treachery was revealed. Eddie first shoots out Andy's blue flashing eyes, blinding him. Eddie then figures out Andy's password, 1999, and orders him to shut himself down. Andy calls Eddie an "ambushing bastard" as he begins to shut down and even begs to not be shut down. Eddie ignores his pleas as Andy continues to shut down forever.

He was created by LaMerk Industries and North Central Positronics as part of their Asimov Robots line.