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Algul Siento, also called Blue Heaven and the Devar-Toi, is the site where the Breakers were held while they worked for the Crimson King. The majority of the staff are taheen including the Chief of Security, Finli O'Tego, but the warden is a human by the name of Pimli Prentiss.

The site was very well equipped. The food was excellent and there was even a machine that could simulate sexual encounters with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe.

The Battle of Algul Siento[]


For the main article see: Battle of Devar-Toi.

A battle occurred here when Roland Deschain's ka-tet comes to set the Breakers free and protect the Beams. The plan was for Haylis of Chayven to plant sneetches under some of the buildings to start fires. After the fires started, the Breakers headed south with their arms up after Dinky Earnshaw broadcasted that message to them. The gunslingers approached the town from different sides to create the illusion of many people attacking at once. The battle went in favor of the tet until the very end, when Prentiss was able to mortally wound Eddie.