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The Ageless Stranger, also called Legion, is another name for Maerlyn.

Confusion Surrounding Name[]

In the original version of The Gunslinger, Walter Padick states that the Ageless Stranger is another name for Maerlyn. While in the revised edition, Walter says that the Ageless Stranger's true name is Legion and that he is a creature of End-World. Roland Deschain will have to defeat him before he can confront the Crimson King.

Since Roland never actually confronted a creature calling itself the Ageless Stranger or Legion, it can be assumed that Walter was lying or referring to himself under the guise of his mentor.

In The Waste Lands, Walter introduced himself to Andrew Quick under the title of Ageless Stranger.

In the palaver with Walter at the end of book 1, he describes the Ageless Stranger: "He darkles. He tincts. He is in all times." (This may only be in the revised edition.) The same is said of Roland in the Coda of book 7, part 7: "You darkle. You tinct."


  • In It, another novel by Stephen King, Ives hears noises in the drain in his kitchen, When he asks who's there, the voices in the drain answer, "We are Legion". This may imply that by Walter telling Roland he had to face "Legion" in Thunderclap, he could have been refering to the actual Legion, "The Warriors of the Scarlet Eye"