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“Gai cocknif en yom.”
   — Aaron Deepneau

Aaron Deepneau is an aging former lawyer who has cancer. He is the only friend of Calvin Tower. He becomes one of the founding members of the Tet Corporation.

Deepneau is Jewish. One of his favorite Yiddish phrases is, "Gai cocknif en yom." It colorfully translates to, "Go shit in the ocean."

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

Deepneau is first seen in The Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind in The Waste Lands. He tells Jake Chambers Samson's riddle.

Deepneau disappears from the series for awhile, but resurfaces in Wolves of the Calla during Father Callahan's backstory. Deepneau and Tower had saved Callahan's life, by chasing off The Hitler Brothers.

He plays an instrumental role in convincing Tower to sell the vacant lot in Song of Susannah. He draws up the contract that legitimizes the sale.

In The Dark Tower, John Cullum heads to New York City to find Deepneau and make the Tet Corporation fully legal.