First Edition Cover
Cover artist
Rex Bonomelli
Science Fiction, Alternate History
Publication date
November 8th, 2011
Full Dark, No Stars

11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King released in 2011. It focuses on a man who goes back to 1958 and plans on stopping the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Brief SynopsisEdit

A man named Jacob "Jake" Epping is friends with a successful local diner owner, Al Tempelton. Al tellas him a secret. In his closet there is a "rabbits hole", or portal, that goes back to September 9th 1958. Al is too old to go on his mission so he elects his English teacher of a friend, Jake Epping. He gets Jake to go and try to stop the JFK assassination. Jake goes back in time to when everyone was a friend and cars cost a few hundred dollars. He must bide his time and get ready to change history.

Connection to Dark Tower SeriesEdit

In the "new 2011" Takuro Spirit car is mentioned. This is the car that the ka-tet see in Topeka during Dark Tower book IV Wizard and Glass.

The number 19 is used various times. When Jake Epping sees a Plymouth Fury the license plate number is 90-811 which adds up to 19. His license plate also adds up to 19, 23383IY. The for rent sign in New Orleans says to call MU3-4192 and that adds to 19. And, the Dunnings live at 379 Kossuth St. in Derry. This address adds up to 19. 19 is a recurring number in a majority of Stephen Kings works and not only The Dark Tower.

One of the characters, Beverly, asks Jake if "he knows about the turtle." This may or may not be a reference to the Turtle Maturin in The Dark Tower Series.

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