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• 11/6/2018


Why is the home page URL named like that?

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• 12/22/2017

Has Adam Lambert's song "Ghost Town" something to do with the DT?

I was listening to the song "Ghost Town" by Adam Lambert one of these days and suddenly it came to my mind: is Adam telling us Roland's story in the lyrics?

Here are some evidences:

"Died last night in my dreams" - maybe a reference to Roland dreams about Jake.

"I tried to believe
In God and James Dean" - maybe a reference to Eddie Dean. If I'm not wrong, Eddie Dean and James Dean are look-alikes.

"Walked into the flames
Called out your name
But there was no answer" - maybe a reference to Susan Delgado.

"All the machines
Had been disconnected" - maybe a reference to the Dogans, the robots, portals and tecnology that still existis in Mid-World.

"Time was thrown at the wind
And all of my friends
Had been disaffected" - a clear definition of Roland's quest to the Tower.

"Now, I'm searching for trust
In a city of rust
A city of vampires" - maybe a reference to the Calla plot, including Callahan story with the vampires in New York.

"There's no one left in the world
I'm gunslingin'
Don't give a damn if I go
Down, down, down
I got a voice in my head that keeps singing
Oh, my heart is a ghost town" - a clear description of Mid-World, the Gunslingers and how everyone Roland ever cared about ended up dead (this is why his heart would be a ghost town).

Let me know what you guys think of it.

Long days and pleasant nights.
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• 10/9/2017

Name of Supporting Character

Hi there! Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to read any replies to this lol. Anyway, my question-I read The Dark Tower Series YEARS ago and can't remember the name of weapon? companion? of Roland's that would wrap around his wrist? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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• 8/8/2017

Dark Tower review

Check out FANDOM's review of The Dark Tower:

Do you agree? Let us know!
‘The Dark Tower’ Review: Fantasy Fun on Fast Forward
‘The Dark Tower’ Review: Fantasy Fun on Fast Forward FANDOM
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• 8/1/2017

Running time of movie

Is anyone worried about the 95 minute running time? I'm personally pretty ok with it (shorter running time= more showings, better chance of it being successful) but I know some fans are a little freaked out. How does everyone else feel?
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• 7/28/2017

One week to go!

Just one more week until The Dark Tower hits the cinemas! Who is excited to finally see The Dark Tower on the big screen?
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• 7/18/2017

Book to movie Expectations

As with every book to film production, there are certain expectations everyone builds up in anticipation of the movie release. How do you think The Dark Tower movie will stand up to the book? Are you excited they are making a film based on the book??
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• 6/22/2017


Hello DT fans! I'm new here. Just wanted to introduce meself. I be calling myself Alyce, Aly for short. Nice to meet ya!
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• 6/13/2017

Who is Matthew McConaughey playing The Dark Tower

FANDOM takes a look at who Matthew McConaughey is playing in The Dark Tower.

Do you think he is the best choice for the role? Will he do a good job?

Let us know below!
Who Is Matthew McConaughey in 'The Dark Tower'?
Who Is Matthew McConaughey in 'The Dark Tower'? Fandom powered by Wikia
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• 3/29/2017

Randall flagg

How many people has randall flagg killed and is he responsible for more kills than the crimson king.
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